2024 Copa America Ticket & Event FAQ
Last Updated: 04/18/2024

First off, AO will have a ticket allotment for all matches that the USMNT qualifies for. There was a delay on CONMEBOL's end for all tickets and they are just starting to be released. Any general sale will NOT have access to the AO supporters section, that link comes from us. (We can all breathe a sigh of relief.)

For those that don't know, these tickets (like Nations League, W Gold Cup, and Gold Cup with CONCACAF and the World Cup with FIFA) are managed/controlled by a governing body other than US Soccer, which adds a layer of hoops and more cooks in the kitchen. We do our very best to get ticket links to members as soon as we can, but as we advocate for good sections and the best pricing we can achieve, that sometimes adds time to the process.

Who is eligible to purchase AO tickets? What if I joined yesterday? 
  • You need to be an active member whenever we get our ticket link, only active members can buy into our section even if other ticket sales are open.

How many tickets can I purchase as a member? 
  • Members are generally allowed to purchase up to 4 tickets, however, until we get the ticket link we won't know for sure.

How much will tickets cost? 
  • We're not sure yet, that's something we get with the final ticket link because CONMEBOL has the final say. We will always do our best to advocate for more affordable tickets. 

What section will AO be in? 
  • We're not sure yet, that's something we get with the final ticket link because CONMEBOL has the final say.

I'm interested in travel packages, do you have any? 

Will you have events?

Are events all ages and open to non-members? 
  • We do our very best to ensure all events will be open to all ages, soccer is for everyone after all! Some venues and cities have age restrictions and we will always list those on our event pages. In general, the tailgate/pre-match event is always all ages.
  • Non-members are welcome to attend our events, it would be even cooler if they decided to become a member AT an event but we won't pressure anyone! Bring your friends, it's a party!

I'm a new member and need to learn the chants OR I'm a current member and need to brush up on my chants, where can I go? 

I'm a current member and I'd like to help lead chants as a capo or a drummer, how do I get involved? 
  • Huzzah! Fill out our contact form with your info and we'll reach out to find out more about you!

I would love to get more involved with my local chapter, how do I do that? 

I want to start my own chapter!! Where do I start?

I have more questions, who can I contact? 
  • Feel free to reach out via our contact form, yes, a real person watches these and responds!
February 28, 2024