Tickets For Referrals Program


Recruit a member, and they get a ticket to an upcoming game!
Build the community and we grow the game

Every time you refer a new member and they join, they get a ticket to experience the game with you.

Ever wanted someone, a friend or family member, to experience a US Soccer game for the first time and join you in a community that you have loved both in the stadium or at your local bar. We can grow this game together, build this community and give someone a chance to enjoy the game we love, in person, with you.

We are giving away free tickets for referred new members.

Pay it forward and give someone the experience you have come to love.

Some Details

If you refer a new member* they can receive one free ticket to their choice of the following matches (while supplies last):
  • USMNT vs Ghana on 10/17/2023 (Nashville, TN) 
  • USWNT vs. Colombia on 10/26/2023 (Sandy, UT)
  • USWNT vs. Colombia on 10/29/2023 (San Diego, CA)
  • USWNT vs China on 12/02/2023 (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
  • USWNT vs China on 12/05/2023 (Frisco, TX)
  • UWMNT vs Slovenia on 01/20/2024 (San Antonio, TX) (Sold out)
  • Or request to donate to someone that we can find that may not be able to afford to go.

If a new member joins with a referral but can’t attend any of these matches, they can choose to pay it forward even further and donate their ticket so the local chapter can help connect it to someone who really needs it. Major karma points for all!

As we mentioned, there’s something in it for you for referring the new member, too! For referring a new member, you will have that count towards your referral level and the prizes the different levels get you, so everyone wins!! Not familiar with the referral levels? Click here to learn more about the revamped referral program.

The Process

1.  Forward this email along and they can use the button below to sign up, easy-peasy! or just send em the link below.

Link for your friend to become a member!

The fine print: *New Member is defined as a person having no active membership in the previous year based on their sign up day. If they sign up on or after match day that ticket is no longer an option to select.

2.  Make sure you let them know to enter your email in the referral box, when filling out the membership form.
3. We will send an email out to the referred, new member to offer the ticket and ask which game.
4. We will then transfer the ticket closer to the chosen game.


You can also gift a membership, if you want to pay for it for them

If you really want to make sure someone you know becomes an AO member you can purchase an AO Gift Membership and they can still list you as a referral when signing up!

(Note: Gift Memberships are created manually so they can take a couple days to be delivered and can be delivered to you or the recipient directly.)

We’re really excited to offer this additional perk for our members, both new and existing. We hope to keep it going in the future for other matches so we can get as many members in the stands as possible, whether it’s a member’s first match or their 100th. 

So, share this with your friends, family, neighbors, stranger at the bar always watching soccer, etc. and make sure they include your name/email in the referral field. Let’s grow this game together and fill the stands with noise and energy to drive our teams to victory! We love ya AO Family! 
September 29, 2023