Thank You
Thank you to every fan that traveled to New Zealand and Australia to support our USWNT and joined us at our events and in the stadiums. You made them some of the best and biggest of the World Cup, and we each formed memories with new and old friends we won’t soon forget.

Experience what it was like.

Thanks to every chapter and member that put on viewing parties and stayed up to watch our team with fellow fans. We know how much energy it takes to put these events on, especially with the difficult times. We saw the dedication all over the country, and we can’t tell you how much it’s appreciated.

These players should be proud of their effort and we as fans are still proud of them despite the early exit. They played with all their heart during the tournament, but still the result had us come up short. Many of these players will be back, working harder than ever as they prepare for next summer’s Olympics in Paris. The American Outlaws will again be there to help coordinate and support efforts to support our USWNT.

This has been the most competitive World Cup ever, with so many teams showing that they are a force on the international stage. This means there’s an obvious need for the U.S. program to take a new approach, on and off the pitch. As fans, we continue to passionately support, while pushing them to show the improvement that will be needed to get back to the top on and off the field.Nothing is given, and we’re ready to work for it. 

Here’s to the next chapter.


August 14, 2023