The AO Ticket Exchange
With all this summer's excitement of the Nations League games, the Gold Cup games, and the Women's World Cup games, it can sometimes be tricky to grab a ticket to catch our women and men live in the stadium.

We've built a new Ticket Exchange for members of the American Outlaws. You can view and find recently-listed tickets under that link for all games, or you can head right to individual game pages here, schedule of events, to browse the tickets for the specific game you're looking for.

So what is the Ticket Exchange? It's a way for active AO members to sell tickets at face value to other active AO members. We know things can happen: travel plans change, friends drop out at the last minute, friends drop in at the last minute... sometimes you're heavy or light a few tickets for a US game. This is a spot so AO members can exchange tickets with other AO members in need.

It's important to keep AO tickets in the family, so to speak: by transferring your supporters tickets to another AO member, we can keep the support higher and our voices louder than it might be if sold to someone who isn't a member or — gulp — isn't a US supporter at all.

We hope this'll help everyone see the games they want to see, especially during such an important summer we have coming up! See you at the stadium — or at your local bar! — for these upcoming games.
June 12, 2023