AO partners with Common Goal to provide DEI focused sessions to staff and chapter leaders

AO is partnering with Common Goal ahead of the Women's World Cup as the first and only supporters' group to take part in a series of sessions focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in soccer.

American Outlaws have been committed to our mission of making our events, both nationally and on a chapter level, and supporters sections at U.S. matches welcoming and inclusive as possible. It's part of our mission. 3 years ago, we were a founding partner to Common Goal’s Anti Racist Project, and among its goals was to create a DEI training that could be used by leagues, teams, brands, and supporters' groups.

We are honored to be the first supporters' group to make this training available to national staff and chapter leaders.

Common Goal has developed DEI sessions available for us and our chapter leaders, quarterly, of basic skills on DEI, how to effectively handle situations, and discussions on helping us all acknowledge and dismantle barriers. To help us be positive examples on how we can help make our organization more welcoming and inclusive.


What we do and what we have done matters at our chapters, as it can create a positive impact that goes beyond just your local chapter and community.

A message from Julie Foudy to chapter leaders on how you have all made a positive impact beyond just your chapter and communities!

June 10, 2023