Celebrating Women's History Month: Heather Borjon Speaks
We continue to celebrate Women's History Month here at the American Outlaws, by honoring and highlighting all the great women's players, achievements, and moments in soccer history. Our organization would not be where it is today without the strength of our USWNT and we enjoy supporting them on and off the field.

To help us tell some of these stories, we turned to the women members and chapter leaders who make our organization so great to tell us who their favorite USWNT players are, why Women's History Month is so important, and what we all can do as an organization and lovers of the game to continue to support women's soccer amid its exponential growth. We continue our series with Heather Borjon of AO Orange County.

Name: Heather Borjon
Chapter: AO Orange County

Who is your favorite USWNT player of all time?
Sydney Leroux

Excellent choice, why Syd?
Sydney is a beast on the field and always gives 150%. Her style and dedication to the game is inspiring. She advocates for women's equity and wellness. I miss seeing her on the field for the USWNT but I'm glad that she's come to play close by for our local club.

What does Women's History Month mean to you?
Women's History Month is a celebration of the impact that women have made so far and hopefully it's a driving force to inspire others. We still have a long way to go in terms of rights and equity around the world but Women's History Month shows that we are creating space and our voices are making a difference. 

Is there a particular women's soccer moment that you think should be highlighted during the month?
It's not really a run of play moment, but it did leave a lasting impression. At the end of the World Cup Final in 2019, when they were announcing the various dignitaries that were there for awards, a few fans started chanting "Equal Pay!" Within seconds, the entire stadium was ringing out with the “Equal Pay” chant. I couldn't hear the announcers. It was a moment of a celebration, but we never stopped reminding those dignitaries that we were still fighting for basic things. 

Do you plan on attending the Women's World Cup this summer?
Can't make it, but will be watching from home or my chapter bar.

Who is your favorite current USWNT player?
Naomi Girma

What makes Naomi your current favorite?
She has been a difference maker for the national team defense since her first cap. She is constantly ready and communicating with her team. I got to see her win the College Cup in 2019 with Stanford. It's been amazing watching her develop as a player now that she's playing professionally and with the national team. I can't wait to see what kind of impact she makes this summer.

What do you wish from soccer fans to continue supporting the growth of the women's game?
Show up and be loud! Women's soccer special community, where there is space for everyone. Get rid of the negative attitude that women's soccer is any less than men's soccer. Women's games tend to be faster, some times higher scoring and just as exciting as the men's games. 

What else can AO (members, chapter leaders, National staff) do to support the growth of women's soccer in this country?
Show up to viewing parties and in the stands. Make showing up for the women's team just as much as a priority as showing up for the men's team. The games are exciting and the fans are passionate. These women are trailblazers and should be supported and celebrated.

We want to thank Heather for sharing her thoughts on her favorite USWNT players and how to continue to honor Women's History Month. We want to hear from our awesome women members and chapter leaders as the month continues! Feel free to fill out the survey, and we hope to highlight you and and many more women through March 31st and beyond!
March 22, 2023