American Outlaws + USWNT Players Association and KIVA

American Outlaws has partnered with the USWNT Players Association on their Impact Strategy to help give zero fee, zero interest micro-loans to entrepreneurs.

The members of the USWNT Players Association strive to positively impact our communities they play in and the communities we support in. Through KIVA, together we can give access to money and resources by lending to entrepreneurs and small businesses around the globe and locally in the U.S. who have limited access to capital.

Kiva envisions a financially inclusive world where all people hold the power to improve their lives.
In the U.S., Kiva offers zero fee, zero interest micro-loans to entrepreneurs, acting as the first rung on the capital ladder while bridging the gap between no credit and traditional credit.

The USWNT Players Association has set aside $100 credit for each AO Chapter and leaders that want to participate, up to $21,000 total, to help support these entrepreneurs in their community.

Celebrating Black History Month, today and every day! We are teaming up with KIVA and the USWNT Players in helping Black Owned Businesses in the United States take steps towards achieving their dreams.  

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February 07, 2023