USWNT World Cup Journey to 5 Stars goes Through New Zealand

Our USWNT draws in group E with Vietnam, Netherlands and either Cameroon/Thailand/Portugal

Only 9 months away till the Womens World Cup in New Zealand and Australia and we can not wait to be there and in the bars watching our #1 team in the world go for a fifth star.

We learned that we start our group stage in New Zealand and who, for the most part, we play.

Game 1:  We start against Vietnam (the #34 ranked team in the world) in Aukland on July 22nd at 9 pm ET
Game 2:  Then our toughest group stage opponent, The Netherlands (#8) in Wellington on July 27th at 9 pm ET
Game 3:  We head back to Aukland against one of the play-in teams of either Cameroon, Thailand or Portugal on August 1st at 3 am ET (oof)

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Let's Go!

October 23, 2022