Women Making An Impact: Meet Meagan Viklund

Pictured above: Indianapolis President Meagan Viklund, center, with Maui Williams and Mikey Viklund.

During Women's History Month, we're recognizing women who are making a difference through the game we all love, whether they're AO members, chapter leaders, players, or women helping in their community. Nominate somebody here.

Meagan’s the AO Indy president and works tirelessly to create an environment for all U.S. soccer fans. She organizes and attends viewing parties, helps the host bar prepare for the influx of crazed soccer fans, and communicates effectively to AO Indy to rally the troops for games. Meagan goes out of her way to greet new people at the viewing parties and always invites them to join AO or come back for more games. Her personality, attentiveness, and enthusiasm for U.S. soccer (and soccer in general) are fantastic and a real highlight of the Indy U.S. soccer culture.”

- Maui Williams, AO Indianapolis

We reached out to Meagan to learn more about all that enthusiasm and her passion for our favorite teams.

Let’s start at the beginning: How did you get into soccer and the U.S. teams?

Meagan: Since I was little, I’ve always watched and participated in sports. I particularly loved watching all soccer, especially the English Premier League. I first took interest in the U.S. national team after Brandi Chastain’s iconic PK against China in the 1999 Women’s World Cup final.

And how did you get involved with AO?

Meagan: Around 2013, my husband and I were watching a U.S. game at the AO Miami chapter bar. The chapter leader struck up a conversation with us. He made us feel so welcome – he told us more about AO and invited us to join. From there on out, I was involved. In 2016, I became AO Miami VP. I became a CL of AO Indy in February 2019.

Meagan and her husband, Mikey, tailgate in Nashville.

Maui complimented you for going the extra mile to create a welcoming atmosphere at watch parties and other events. What advice would you give to other CLs for creating such a vibe?

Meagan: I’ve always felt that soccer unites people from all walks of life. With that in mind, I always try to make people feel welcome. If I see a new face, I introduce myself and thank them for joining us. If there are kids, we give them our chapter sticker. Overall, we try to be inclusive to those who join us to watch U.S. soccer.

What do you see – and what do you hope for – for women’s soccer in the future?

Meagan: I truly feel that the USWNT has been a guiding light for the rest of the world when it comes to women’s participation in the sport. Not only have they brought attention to the need for equality in soccer, but they also are exemplary role models for future generations. I hope to continue to see the sport grow not only at a local and national level, but an international level as well. In just the past few years, the exposure to different women’s leagues has been amazing.

March 16, 2022