Meet The AO Chapter Coordinator Team

The American Outlaws (AO), the largest unofficial supporter’s group of the U.S. national soccer teams, are excited to announce that longtime members Max Croes, Ellie O'Hara, and Antonio Borjon have been added to our national staff. As our chapter coordinator team, they will provide support, guidance and growth to AO’s 200+ chapters around the world, helping them thrive while accomplishing our mission to grow the game of soccer in our communities.

“Chapters are vital to our mission of serving our membership and their communities,'' said Justin Brunken, AO co-founder. “Max, Ellie and Antonio bring significant chapter leadership experience and a positive passion that will benefit us all.”

Max Croes has helped lead or been a member of six chapters across several states. He helped form AODC in 2009, the nation’s largest AO chapter, and most recently co-founded the unofficial AO Helena chapter. Max will be charged with onboarding new chapters, advising leadership, and establishing programs to help our chapters grow and succeed in their communities.

Ellie O’Hara previously helped lead AO Des Moines and now is an active member of AO St. Louis. Ellie is excited to provide members the culture needed to sustain a thriving fan base in such a geographically, socially, and economically diverse country. Ellie brings significant customer service experience, positivity and an “always on” smile. Ellie will be charged with providing chapter support through active listening and analysis, ensuring our chapters are heard.

Antonio Borjon is an accomplished chapter leader for AO Inland Empire, and also serves on the AO Chapter Advisory Council for Region 16. Antonio enjoys traveling to games, meeting new people and occasionally hitting a golf ball. He’s interested in the diverse stories of our members and why they became so passionate about U.S. Soccer. You’ll hear more from Antonio as he leads us in chapter communication through social media, office hours or good-ol’-fashioned phone calls. 

“Max, Ellie and Antonio join the national staff team at a fantastic time,” said Donald Wine II, AO board member. “The USWNT’s mission of achieving another Olympic gold medal and the USMNT’s journey toward the 2022 World Cup will bring excitement back to our chapters worldwide, and this team will help us support them in ways we couldn’t before. We’re so happy to have Max, Ellie and Antonio on our team!"

June 23, 2021