US Kit design contest by American outlaws

We asked: if you could put the U.S. National Teams in whatever kit you wanted, what would you design them?

All those years of judging the kits the teams wore, the debates with friends, the imagining of what it could be, were given an outlet.

And y’all delivered.

We got nearly 40 submissions from our #AOFamily - their creativity, imagination and work of what the U.S. could be wearing.

Some of them were tweaks on kits of years gone by (the Waldos, as always, remain the clear favorite), others were more traditional kits with a little American flair, and some were completely out of the box. It was a wonderful compilation of the many ways to approach the visual on-field identity of what these teams we love could be.

From those many kit designs, we selected four finalists. Please go to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to vote for the winner (who will win a U.S. jersey of their choice as a prize thanks to our friends at World Soccer Shop).

But there were so many great designs that weren’t finalists, and some of them deserve a chance to be ogled.

The award for Best Twist on 1994 goes to … Drake Froomer, who gave us this beauty.

Katie Solano played with the same shade of blue, but she did it in a completely new and original way.

Alexa Miller came with her own bit of originality that broke the traditional idea of kit design and instead gave us one that looks like a delightful series of ribbons floating across the kit.

We saw lots of Waldo-inspired designs, two of which made it to the finals, but there were also a couple fun twists on it. Like what if the U.S. wore horizontal stripes? Jim Lischett gave us that beauty.

And what if the stripes were used as a sleeve design? Shanen Haigler delivered there.

And if simplicity with just a tinge of flair is your thing then Eric Watson has you covered.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to work on and submit designs. They were all so great and went so far beyond what we could have ever hoped.

Who knows, maybe U.S. Soccer and Nike is keeping their eyes out. The fans are putting their minds to work and making their voices heard. If we’re lucky, we could see something like one of these one day.

April 27, 2020