Enough Is Enough.
During the month of Pride, members of the LGBTQ+ community should be celebrated. Instead, Sunday night and last Thursday night, they were once again subject to a homophobic chant in large numbers from many supporters of the Mexican National Team. It is unacceptable, and the situation has become untenable. This behavior - in addition to the hurling of objects from the stands that put players of both teams at risk, as well as racism directed towards Black players and their families - has gone unmitigated for far too long. We will not tolerate it, and if you’re someone that is doing any of this, you are not welcome with us nor should you have the privilege of being called a soccer fan. We have repeatedly reached out to Concacaf in order to hear what they plan to do to stop those who use homophobic chants, and to root out the fans who make such an incredible game a nightmare for supporters in the stands and players on the field. We welcome the opportunity to meet with them immediately to work on this, but our members and fans are tired of waiting. Enough is enough.
June 09, 2021