AO Worldwide Virtual Community Chant: "We Love Ya"

Our goal is to create a video that combines hundreds, if not thousands of individual videos and voices, into a virtual AO supporters section to show our gratitude for all of those putting themselves on the frontlines of this crisis.

And to do something as a community that we aren’t able to do in person right now

IMPORTANT: Listen to this before and while you record, so that we are all together when we piece them all together!
Recording Guide:
  1. State your name and chapter at the beginning
  2. Through your headphones, listen to AO CHANT VIDEO TEMPLATE for tempo and when ready chant with us while you record.
  3. Use whatever camera and mic you have. If phone, film it horizontal.
  4. Try to keep camera steady
  5. Bring the Noise
Submit your recording here: AO “WE LOVE YA” CHANT Dropbox
We can’t wait to stitch together our #AOFamily around the country and world to make this awesome video.
A few more things to keep in mind:
  • Wear your AO or U.S. Soccer gear
  • If you have multiple people doing it then designate a leader to help everyone stay together
  • Remember that we can see everything in the background so make sure there’s nothing there that would keep us from being able to use your submission.
HERE is the audio template to use for the chant:
April 27, 2020