NEW Scarf - American Outlaws + Clean Sheet Co


Worn by Mary Anne Wells who help us ship out all our membership kits.

Clean Sheet Co:

American soccer and the American rattlesnake have a long association. There’s something about the history and unique menace of the native rattler that inspires American soccer fans - just like it inspired the country’s first revolutionaries. We don’t always brag, or advertise our prowess. We don’t always make the first move. We might even go under the radar some times. And we may not play like everyone else expects. But underrate us at your own peril. Because when we strike, it’s with surprising skill and authority. When we strike, it’s decisive. We never lack heart or energy. And what we start, we finish. This unique scarf is a limited collaboration between the Americans Outlaws and Clean Sheet Co., an independent American apparel shop focused on soccer fans. The design is completely original: the stripes of a traditional soccer scarf coil into an American rattlesnake’s menacing scowl.
May 24, 2019