USSF Election Central
It’s time for change!
The US National Teams are important to us and we are to make a positive difference.
We aim to inform and engage our AO membership of USSF’s election process and give the candidates a platform to articulate to our members. We believe this is a two step process.
The first step is to focus on change in leadership and leading the conversation of candidates to replace Sunil Gulati. We will do this by sharing our concerns and issues with potential candidates, USSF, and the public. Then, we will give all change candidates a platform to listen to AO members, and to provide their plans and ideas.
Second, we will work to shine a light on the USSF process, as well as give a platform for change, with this member engagement. We want to focus on this to elicit change before we take further action. Whoever the candidates are alongside Mr. Gulati (if he runs again), we will extend invites to them all to address our membership via questionnaires, live video chats, and provide feedback via comments and straw polls. Look for a members-only “election center” portion of the AO site at a later date.


Listen to one of our favorite podcasts on the subject:




The latest on the potential election field by Grant Wahl of SI:
Coming Soon:  Position matrix 


Q & A with Eric Wynalda and Steve Gans:
 Player/journalist quotes on “change”:
October 18, 2017