#AOAway to Russia 2018 World Cup - COMING SOON
WE MADE IT! The United States men’s national team has qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. You’re excited. We’re excited. You want to go. We want to go. We’re feverishly working on on finalizing our package options for those who want to travel to Russia (cities/venues to be determined after the World Cup Draw in December 2017) so please, please be patient. One thing is for sure… if you want to travel with the American Outlaws… you gotta be a member.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we going to the World Cup? Yes. Is the AO World Cup package ready? Nope. When will the AO World Cup package be ready? When it is completed. What is the cost of the AO World Cup package? TBD. What are the dates of the AO World Cup package? TBD. What are the accommodations in the AO World Cup package? TBD. What are the events surrounding the AO World Cup package? TBD. Who is helping arrange/coordinate the AO World Cup package? Anthony Travel is the official travel partner of the American Outlaws. They have arranged each of our away trips during this qualifying cycle. Their clients also include the United States Soccer Federation. Will World Cup tickets be a part of the AO World Cup package? No. The is the FIFA World Cup. Tickets are not allocated to supporters groups like domestic matches through U.S. Soccer. So how do I get tickets to the World Cup? 1) Here is information from FIFA regarding their ticketing lotteries. NOTE: Sales Phase (1) ends October 12th to apply for Team Specific Ticket Series (TST). Sales Phase (2) will be open from December 5, 2017 until January 31, 2018 to apply for Supporter Tickets (ST) and Conditional Supporter Tickets (CST). 2) U.S. Soccer will also receive and allotment from FIFA. Their tickets are award to U.S. Soccer members based on weighted status. Here is information from USSF. All applicants for U.S. Soccer’s allotment must be an active U.S. Soccer Member, at any level. In addition, all of the applicant’s guests must also be U.S. Soccer Members, at any level. Guests are individuals that would use the applicant’s other purchased tickets. Fans who are not U.S. Soccer Members and would like to apply for tickets have until late January/early February 2018 (exact dates to be confirmed), to become a Member at any level. Fans can join at membership.ussoccer.com or by clicking here. The full list of eligibility requirements is below. Applicants and guests must: - Be U.S. Soccer Members (as detailed above).       - Be either citizens or residents of the United States.       - Have a valid passport prior to applying. - Be at least 18 years of age at the time they apply for tickets NOTE: For both sales FIFA ticket sales regulations include certain limits per household for anyone requesting tickets. These limits also apply to all U.S. Soccer fans. A household may apply for tickets to up to seven (7) matches across the entire tournament, no more than four (4) tickets for any single match, and applicants are unable to apply for tickets to two (2) matches that take place on the same day. These limits include all sales phases and applications combined. I will be attending the World Cup independent of the American Outlaws, but I want to come to the American Outlaws events. Can I? Maybe. Depending on event locations, capacity, security and other considerations AO events may or may not be open to the public. AO World Cup packages will include access to events and many other perks. How will I stay up-to-date regarding the progress of information or the availability of the AO World Cup package? Be a member. Watch your email. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
October 10, 2017