Chapter Leader AO Database FAQ
Account Overview As a Chapter Administrator, you have increased access to the AO Member Database. Upon logging in, you will see a screen that looks like this with a button on the top directing you to your chapter. It will also include your basic member account, so if you have questions regarding this section, please refer to the FAQ page here:
  Chapter Page Overview On the chapter page, you will see the member count just below the name of the chapter. The main portion of the page has your members’ information to help you running your chapter, including their name, email, shirt size, and renewal date. The final part of the page is the “Manage Admins” button.  
Manage Chapter Administrators There is also the Manage Admins tab, allowing you to control who has the access of Chapter Admin. Each chapter can have up to 4 admins, and they can be edited on this screen. To add a chapter leader as an administrator in the database, the leader must be a current member of the chapter or they won't show up in the list. They can update their chapter preferences in their own member profile.  
Exporting Member Information As a chapter administrator, you also have the ability to export your chapter members’ information into an excel document. This allows you to search for members by date or other criteria that you are searching for. As you can see, the export button is on the top right of the page. After that, you will be taken to a page where you can create a CSV (Excel spreadsheet), of your members. It will then export all of your chapter members’ information into an Excel spreadsheet organized by name, email, shirt size, and renewal date.
January 13, 2017