Pre-Game Hype: USMNT vs. Argentina

The Basics

USMNT vs. Argentina Date: June 21, 2016 Location: NRG Stadium (Houston, TX) Time: 8pm CT TV: FS1, Unimas, Univision Sports

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Right now everyone is so amped for tonight’s match out of nervousness or sheer excitement or both that we’re afraid by the time you finish this hype you’re going to jump out of your skin. But we’ve got a job to do. And that’s to get you #HYPED. Back in 2009 you might remember a plucky USMNT taking it to the world’s best team on a warm night in South Africa. Spain, fresh off their 2008 European championship and before their World Cup win in 2010. Tonight we face Argentina, again the number one ranked team on the planet, in the Copa America Centenario semifinals. Tonight is the largest match ever played on American soil for the USMNT. We go in as underdogs, as disrespected, as after-thoughts. We deserve none of these labels. We are the United States… this land is our land…. tonight we face the South Americans… eleven vs. eleven…. eye to eye. Our boys have already fought, scratched, and survived to get to this point. It is a reason to already fill your heart with pride. But tonight we have a chance to make history. #WhyNotUS? Tonight we need you, they need you, to give your full voice and your full support to fill them with the confidence to stare down Argentina. We want soccer to live in this country. We want kids picking up a Dempsey, Brooks, Nagbe or Pulisic jersey instead of Neymar, Messi, or Ronaldo shirt. We want soccer fans to #BELIEVE in the red, white, and blue not some team across an ocean or around the world. This is our land. This is our team. Join us, one and all, and join the American Outlaws is supporting our teams. This is just the beginning of another journey. Where we find what this team in made of. Win or lose… they are full of #guts, #AmericanCanDoSpirit, and #drive. Tonight we can make history. Tomorrow, no matter what, we still love this team and are with to Russian and beyond. We need to hear you in the stadium, at your chapter bars, in the streets, wherever your eyes and glued to this game. There is no other way. TONIGHT. TONIGHT. TONIGHT. Let’s roll, together, #AOFamily. XOXO, AO
June 21, 2016