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USMNT Tix Available

USMNT vs El Salvador
March 27, 2023 | Explora Stadium, Orlando, FL

The final game in the group stage of the CONCACAF Nations League, where we need to finish first in the group.

Date: Monday, March 27th, 2023
Location: Exploria Stadium, Orlando, FL
Time: 7:30 PM ET
Member Price: $51.50
Section: 25
Seating: Assigned
Ticket type: Electronic
Deadline: First-come, first-served

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USWNT Tix Available


Please select "AO Member" when you buy your tickets.

USWNT vs. Canada

Members can login to find the ticket link on the event page:

Date: Thursday, February 16, 2023
Location: Explora Stadium, Orlando, FL
Time: 7 PM ET
Price: $41 member/$46 non-memberSection: 22 - 28
IMPORTANT: Supporters section will be General Admission, even if during the process of purchasing your tickets, you select specific seats and shows specific seats with your purchase.
Seating: General Admission
Ticket type: Electronic
Deadline: First-come, first-served

USWNT vs. Japan

Members can login to find the ticket link on the event page:

Date: Sunday, February 19, 2023
Location: GEODIS Park, Nashville, TN
Time: 2:30 pm CT
Price: $51.50 member/$56.50 non-member
Section: 108 (But can add more with big member demand)
Seating: General Admission
Ticket type: Electronic
Deadline: First-come, first-served

USWNT vs. Brazil

Members can login to find the ticket link on the event page:

Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2023
Location: Toyota Stadium, Frisco, Texas
Time: 6 PM CT
Price: $41 member/$46 non-member
Section: "Supporter"
Seating: General Admission
Ticket type: Electronic
Deadline: First-come, first-served


Looking to buy or sell AO tickets at face value for some of these upcoming matches?
Any member attempting to resell a ticket for more than face value is subject to having their membership revoked, and may face a possible lifetime ban from membership. You will no longer be able to purchase future AO tickets and AO will also forward your name to U.S. Soccer for them to decide whether to remove you from their future buyers’ list as well.All tickets purchased in the AO section from this site or from US Soccer shall be resold at face value—no more, but less if you choose (and gifting is a wonderful choice). TICKETS IN THE AO SECTION MAY NOT BE SOLD FOR ADDITIONAL MARK-UP BEYOND THEIR FACE VALUE, SOLD FOR PRIVATE PROFIT, OR UTILIZED TO PROMOTE OR RAISE FUNDS FOR ANY OTHER COMPANY OR PROJECT. As a member, I understand that if I attempt to sell an AO ticket for above face value, purchase a ticket with the intention of reselling it above face value, AO has the absolute right, in its sole discretion, to revoke my membership in AO. 
Scalping is simply not part of our community, and we will do everything in our power to block it from taking place. 

*** How can I purchase AO tickets?

 1. Click to access the U.S. Soccer Ticketing System. 2. Use the link and/or code provided in the AO email announcing tickets OR on the game-specific ticketing page. 3. Once prompted, you must create a new account. (this is an account for the US Soccer Ticketmaster account, separate from previous accounts). Select create an account and sign up with your email address. It is important that you use accurate information when creating an account. In the event that you have issues with your tickets, the box office will only be able to help you if they can confirm your identity. Anyone who already has their email registered with U.S. Soccer will get an error message that reads “An account already exists for this e-mail address” when trying to create an account. In this case, use the “forgot password” tool to create a new password and proceed 4. Select “On Account” as the delivery method. Because Supporters Section tickets are assigned to sections later in the ticketing process to ensure the section is large enough to accommodate all supporters, there is not an option to print or have tickets delivered immediately. You’ll receive notification when section assignments have been added to your account, at which point you will be able to print tickets. U.S. Soccer has changed the way we all do tickets and we must go through this system to now get AO supporter section tickets. We will continue to make sure that AO provides the service and events that we have been known for. Please bear with us as we work with USSF to make this system better for everyone. Example of U.S. Soccer Ticketing System page:


Frequently Asked Questions

1. “Will American Outlaws have tickets for the ______________ match?” Aside from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have sold AO section tickets for every USMNT match since AO’s inception in 2007 and every USWNT since 2013. Barring unforeseen events or other restrictions, there will be an AO section for the match you are seeking. 2. “When will AO tickets for the _____________ match go on sale?” Tickets usually go on sale around the same time as general public ticket sales for each USMNT or USWNT match. It is usually determined by US Soccer when we can put them up for sale. Get access to tickets through AO by being a member (there is an email update to all members about tickets for every single game; every time) and following us on Twitter and Facebook. 3. “I don’t see the ______ match on the site OR the site says “coming soon”. Will there be tickets?” Yes. Either the match hasn’t been officially announced or the ticketing window has not officially open yet. 4. “I haven’t seen AO ticketing details for the _________ match. Should I buy tickets in either the US Soccer pre-sale or general sale?” No. If you want to stand with the American Outlaws DO NOT purchase tickets in either of the U.S. Soccer sales windows. Our section and process is different. You cannot get tickets into the AO section through these sales. 5. “When will I receive my tickets for the _______ match?” With the new U.S. Soccer system tickets are no longer mailed out by American Outlaws. In most cases you can download your tickets to your mobile device, print (and re-print) tickets instantly from the U.S. Soccer account (which you get to through our website). 6. “How many tickets can I purchase at once?” Usually a maximum of four to combat scalping. 7. “Is the section General Admission?” We work with U.S. Soccer and every stadium to allow General Admission seating for the American Outlaws section, but every stadium and city is different. We will note which games are treated as GA and which are seat-specific. Please be respectful of these decisions and allow ticket holders their seat if asked. 8. “Will my tickets be together?” Any purchase made together in non-General Admission stadiums will be together. Many sections are General Admission (unless otherwise noted) so if you can find enough space or ask nicely; yes. 9. “I am a member. Can I purchase member tickets for non-members?” Yes. As long as you choose the non-member option for them. The member ticket discount is done out of fairness to AO members. The non-member price is one of the only ways we fund our events so when you chose “member” for non-members you’re making our events more expensive to host. 10. “I am a non-member. Can I purchase tickets?” Public vs. member-only sales vary depending on the match. For example… all MNT World Cup Qualifier sales are for members ONLY and there is a small possibility of a public sale. Better yet, join the American Outlaws! 11. “I’ve bought my tickets. What events are going on for the ________ match?” We’re always working on creating the best events for our members and guests. Always check out our Events page for the established and evolving details. 12. “How can I make sure I always get the most up-to-date information about AO tickets?” By becoming a member, of course! Members always get earliest news and the earliest chances to purchase AO section tickets for USMNT and USWNT matches.
May 04, 2015